Justin Moeller
Ceramic Artist
Jm Ceramics

The Ultimate 3 In One Mug Pipe Shot Glass
Bobcats near my shop
A nice batch of these incense burners from the
gas kiln. Got some nice color from the reduction
Rib Cook off in NV Sep 2014
Was able to park the van right behind
the booth all 6 days. Worked great for
Traded a pipe for this spray bottle
It was really hot there. The bottle was a
great way to keep cool.
Traded some pipes for ribs. The problem was I was starving and everytime I'd
try to eat the ribs customers would come into the booth, buy things and I'd
have to talk to them, clean my hands and help them. Took about 4 hours to
finish lunch.
2014 Holiday firings
Campbell Oktoberfest 2014
The new mugs filled the booth in nicely
Did a ceramic trade for this
These are some of the new mugs
made in Sep 2014
to see more photos from this batch
check out the update on the
After the Rib Cook off I went out to Fallon NV to work on some mugs
with Primo at Primo Pottery. Below are some photos of the project. I
was out there about 2 weeks and we did 250 mugs. He threw them on
the wheel and I put the faces on them. We glazed and fired them at his
shop. They came out great, I learned a lot and it was definitely an
Got the idea for this one a long time ago after waking up in the morning with a nasty headache.
New colors added to wholesale catalog.
Purple hearts and 3 shrooms