I grew up in the mountains of Santa Cruz California and began working with clay at a very
young age. After High School I started selling my work on the streets at shows and art and
wine festivals.
It can be a lot of fun doing claywork and coming up with new, crazy ideas. I have more on the
way so check back soon.
Old shop photos
Rib Cook Off 2010 SPARKS NEVADA
It was super hot but being set up next to
the fountain was a great way to cool off
One of many fountain runs during the show
Nice sunsets over there
2009 Lockheed fire view from my shop
Making pipes in a hotel room in Reno. Nice work environment.
Shop snake
The gas kiln
Caught this giant rat in my storage unit
Traded a pipe for this during the show
Bobcats next to my shop
Campbell Oktoberfest